bemybanker mobile registration Acche Din Namotel Smartphone Rs 99 Buy/book online Acche Din Namotel  Smartphone Rs 99  Buy/book online

Update : We have try to reach the official website, but the website has not opened for a single time.

Dilvery date or no other update on site ………..

Namotel Rs 99 Mobile Booking Acche Din –

Namotel Mobile at Rs.99/- Online Booking Available at The Smartphone Company Namotel has launched its New Android Mobile as Namotel at Rs.99/- only at The Namotel Mobile is available to book online on the official website at Nowadays the Online Booking of Cheap priced Android Phones are in trend.

We have try to reach the official website, but the website has not opened for a single time.

Namotel Booking Closed :- Dear Respected Friends Namotel‬ are humble and extremely grateful for your overwhelming response and trust. Respectfully this is to advice that the response far exceeds the number that we had expected and therefore we are now closing the invitation to bookings for some time,Now our website is Under Maintenance .We will back soon.Jai hind !

For more details about Namotel Mobile Online Booking at Rs.99/- Only, Dates for Booking the Namotel Android Smartphone, Steps for Registration, Payment Method for Namotel Mobile, Delivery Options, Updates on buying Namotel Mobile etc., kindly visit the Namotel Mobile official website at

The Namotel Acche Din Spokesperson, Mr. Madhava Reddy declared that bookings for Namotel Achhe Din are available on official website up to 25th May 2016. Before buying the Namotel customers you have to first register on People who all want to book Namotel Acche Din they should have Aadhar Card proof. Rs 199 of payment have to be made on

That isn’t suspicious in and of itself until you look at the image of the smartphone, embedded above. Right under it is the disclaimer, “Pictures shown in the website is for illustration purpose only.” You bet that’s right because that’s not the Namotel Acche Din, it’s theLeagoo Z1, which costs approximately Rs 2,655 when converted from dollars.

Freedom 251, as it reads was set to be sold at Rs. 251 while Docoss X1 was configured to be sold at a price of Rs. 888.  Even though both the Smartphones managed to gain the eye of a huge number of crowds, they failed to stand still on their claim of providing Smartphones at the lowest price.  At this point a new company named Namotel showed up and proudly announced that it is going to launch its Smartphone at just Rs. 99

how to book Acche Din Namotel  Smartphone Rs 99 online ?


  • Step-2 Select Book Now button
  • Step- 3 Enter your Name, Email ID, Mobile Number and Address as per instructions
  • Step-4 Submit the correct details to proceed
  • Step-5 Complete the Namotel Mobile Online Booking at Rs 99
  • Step-6 Make Payment for the Mobile as per instructions.

The company has also given the option of Cash on Delivery.

Namotel Rs 99 Mobile Booking ( “How to buy Namotel smartphone,How to Book Namotel Rs 99 MobileX How to Buy Namotel Rs 99 Smartphone.X Namotel Rs 99 Mobile SPECIFICATIONSX Namotel Mobile. namotel company

ONce more company calim acche din phone with 99 Rs phone online booking with cash on dilvery . This time bnaglore base company Madhava Reddy has claimed that he is marketing the World’s cheapest smartphone, the Namotel Acche Din, for just Rs 99.It is the cheapest trick in the book, at least when it comes to smartphones. After Freedom 251 and Docoss X1, a company called Namotel has come up with the ‘world’s cheapest smartphone’ priced at Rs 99. –

The website (which is currently inaccessible), shows that the price has been slashed from Rs 2,999 to Rs 99 and that the smartphone would be available on cash-on-delivery and that nominal delivery charges will be additionally levied.

Quite like the Freedom 251, the Namotel also claims to be part of the Make in India initiative and says that the device is only for those “who holds Aadhar Identity.

Namotel Acche Din smartphone: Madhava Reddy claimed that Namotel is the world’s cheapest phone with 4 inch display and it runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop and is powered by 1.3GHz quadcore processor along with 1 GB RAM. The smartphone will be available for booking from may 17th to till 25th May. (PTI)

Acche Din Namotel  Smartphone photo

Acche Din Namotel Smartphone photo online booking phone

as per some sources. World’s cheapest smartphone, Namotel Acche Din priced at just Rs 99, says promoter

Namotel  Smartphone   Features SPECIFICATIONS
  2. 1GB RAM+ 4GB ROM
  3. 3G
  4. 2MP REAR + .3MP FRONT
  6. 4″ HD DISPLAY
  7. 1325 mAh BATTERY

* Namotel Site Down Currently

* Beware before booking. It may be another freedom type phone . Although sharing this with you all.

Acche Din Mobile  Namotel  Smartphone online booking

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